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Start your journey...

We hope you are enjoying your time at Fusion and wish to continue! There are two options to get you started on your journey and both include a FREE UNIFORM that you can take home TODAY!

Option One - 4 Week Intro

This option is great if you would like a little more time to decide if you would like to become a full member. (Complete 1 per student).

Option Two - Membership

This option is to become a full member of our School! Here is all the info you'll need...

Our classes run 43 weeks of the year, with a 2 week break over Easter, 2 weeks during Summer holidays, 2 weeks over Christmas and we're closed during half term breaks. The monthly tuition payments are for the 43 weeks of classes and you are not charged for when we are closed. We work out the cost for the year then break that down into calendar monthly payments of £38.50 for the 1st child in the family and then apply a 20% discount for any siblings. This allows for a consistent payment amount each month. The monthly tuition fees are as follows: 1 student £38.50. 2 students £69.30. 3 students £99.90. There's just a 30 day cancelation notice period.

In your welcome pack you will find a Tora Kai Karate Association Licence Form, this is required to become a member as it includes the student insurance. All Martial Art schools in the UK are required to licence their students. With this said, I would be grateful if you could complete the licence form (1 per student) then hand it to me at your next class so we can process the application as soon as possible for you. You will not need to fill in a licence form each year but must advise us of any changes to the initial details provided (Contact details, medical conditions etc..)

The fee for the annual TKKA licence & membership is £40 per student and is renewed in February each year via direct debit. The first licence fee will be charged pro-rata at £3.33 per student for each month between now and February. 

The first tuition payment will be worked out pro-rata and collected as soon as possible, the subsequent monthly tuition payments will be at the set amount and collected on the 1st of each month, this is for all the lessons throughout that month.

Remember ‘A Black Belt is just a white belt that never quit!’