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Fusion Martial Arts

Fusion Martial Arts is the areas premier Martial Arts Academy. We specialise in high quality professional tuition for Children of primary school age.

Our goal is not only to improve each Childs Karate skills but to improve important life skills along the way, Focus, Self-Defence Confidence and Discipline to name just a few. These life skills are the building blocks for Children to succeed at school and in day to day life.

Because we only teach Children we have been able to tailor our specialist Karate programme to the primary school age group. Making our classes fun and exciting whilst at the same time building each Childs Karate knowledge, all the way to Black Belt!

Each class your Child will take part in Warm-up & stretching exercises, Drills & Skills, Learning Self-Defence techniques, Cardio & Pad work and Karate games too. We also hold monthly ‘Huddle Discussions’ these are where the Sensei will explain to the Children different topics such as Stranger Danger, the 3 rules of Focus, the ABC’s of Self defence etc..

We hold classes in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire so check out our ‘Locations’ page for your nearest class.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website today, I hope that it can assist you in choosing a class for your Child and I look forward to meeting you and your Child in the near future...

Fusion Martial Arts - Building a better community one black belt at a time!

Sensei Samuel Hume,
Head Instructor

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